If you are an artist, journalist, producer, or lawyer and you have a question regarding music analysis or musicology; or if you need in-depth analysis and reporting regarding a music theory or musicological item, story, or case, do not hesitate to get in touch with me.

The writing on my blog demonstrates my expertise and breadth of knowledge in music theory and musicology, and will give you the sense of the type of analysis and reporting you can expect from me. 

Of special note: I am not a lawyer, but am an authority in the specific areas of music theory and musicology that relate directly to issues of copyright and plagiarism, and I have a track record of producing convincing and accurate arguments and materials in support of my professional opinion in these cases. 

I will usually give an initial opinion for free, and will never pressure you to hire me beyond that. If you do hire me, you can expect a deep, thorough, and accurate analysis that takes all relevant factors into account.

MUsicological consoluting & music analysis


As budgets for traditional performing arts programs get cut, many K-12 school are looking to new and non-traditional types of performing arts experiences for students. And as music and our society evolve, many students are looking for in-school and extracurricular opportunities that are outside of the traditional performing arts models. 

My experience teaching and working in several public, charter, and private schools has given me a strong window into the types of non-traditional and new approaches that different schools are trying. I've seen what works, and I am very in tune with the day-to-day challenges of today's K-12 performing arts departments. 

A consultation begins with a phone call or skype where we would discuss your current performing arts program: your students, your current offerings, your challenges and goals, and the resources available to you (e.g. schedule flexibility, teachers, and money.) 

From there the consultation can go in a few different directions, with the goal being to give you the tools, information, and direction that you need to deliver a solid, relevant, and sustainable performing arts experience to your students. 

Do you have a vision for a show that blends elements of music, comedy, and improvisation but you don't know where to start?

Are you producing a show that blends music and comedy but find you're having a difficult time navigating the logistical or technical challenges that have popped up?

Are you a pianist who wants a concrete path to getting involved with the improv comedy scene?

These are three areas where I can provide you with tools and knowledge you need to have a solid foundation. I'm usually happy to give quick advice, and it's usually easy to talk to me after shows - introduce yourself and buy me a drink! - but many folks come to me for a more in-depth consulting process. This has looked a number of different ways in the past, but generally begins with an in-person or phone consultation. 

As always, I offer a sliding scale to non-profit improv comedy situations. 

professional performing arts and comedy consulting


In-Studio: $85 for the first hour, $21.20 each add'l 15 minutes

On-site: $150 for the first hour, $75 each add'l 30 minutes


  1. I almost never charge for an initial conversation.

  2. Sliding scale offered to non-profit improv comedy.

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